About Optikem International

Sereine Contact Lens Care Solutions

Optikem International was founded and incorporated in1976 by research chemists Sally Cook and Bill Hoffman.  They were instrumental in the early development of materials used to fabricate stable and comfortable soft contact lenses.

Rigid gas permeable (RGP) lens materials were next developed by these chemists.  These materials are modifications of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), the basic polymer used for hard contact lenses available since the 1940s.  By blending other ingredients in the polymer, the materials could be made oxygen permeable.   The advantage of a "breathable" contact lens was the reduction of corneal edema (swelling), a problem with PMMA (hard) contact lenses.  Advances in RGP material technology by Optikem included the use of stable pigments instead of dyes for lens coloration, longer polymer chains for increased stability, and ultraviolet light absorbing lenses.

Contact lens solutions are the other important part of successful contact lens wear.  Solutions were developed to meet the requirements of clean and comfortable lenses.  Since 1976, Optikem International has provided safe and effective contact lens solutions.

As the contact lens industry evolved, additional products were added, but the basic premise of providing quality solutions to contact lens wearers has not changed.

Optikem International has expanded its' production capabilities to offer contract manufacturing and packaging to other companies.  Our emphasis is to assist small companies in bringing their new products to the marketplace.